Learn About Our Wayne, PA Medical Facility

Aether Medicine is a cutting-edge medical practice in Wayne, PA focused on the personalized and integrative patient experience for individuals seeking physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain management care. Aether Medicine offers a unique and transformative patient experience in a state-of-the-art and comfortable environment, specializing in an integrative and whole-person approach. Our practice offers a variety of specialties, such as physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain medicine, neurotoxin medicine, musculoskeletal medicines, regenerative medicine, as well as complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Christian and his compassionate team at Aether Medicine are dedicated to an all-encompassing treatment model focusing on what is most important for the patient’s overall health and well-being.


The name Aether Medicine was chosen to reflect our goal to become the quintessential model of healthcare – that is to model a healthcare experience that is fun, functional, and fashionable. This model will be one that truly provides value to the patient. We operate with a philosophy that healthcare must make patients' lives dramatically simpler, more convenient, more mindful, and more productive.


In this model, we treat the patient as a client and partner in the healthcare journey. By providing expertise and appropriate tools, we empower patients to make the best healthcare decisions. At Aether Medicine, the patient is more than their pain. We invest the time it takes to understand a patient's story. This knowledge is what allows us to provide a more holistic approach to pain management.


This overarching goal is summed up in the following:


MissionOur mission is to create a fun, functional, and fashionable well-being, physical rehabilitation medicine, and pain management medical practice for those with musculoskeletal and neurological problems.


VisionOur vision is to become the QUINTESSENTIAL model of the personalized healthcare space in well-being, physical rehabilitation medicine, and pain management.



Value Innovation: the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation at an acceptable cost, to create value for our patients. This is why we exist.

Ecological Soul: human health is dependent on planetary health.

Entrepreneur Mind: we are solving problems at profit, which allows for reinvestment and growth.

Humanity Positive: our business exists to fundamentally contribute meaningfully to the evolution of humanity.

Unity Consciousness: fundamentally, we believe that we are all connected and from the same source.

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