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Read our blog to learn more about our exciting, holistic treatment options at Aether Medicine. Our functional medicine approach in Wayne, PA provides our patients with a mind-body understanding by answering your questions about commonly downplayed medical conditions, such as chronic pain, arthritis, and pain management. At Aether Medicine, you will find your symptoms are both legitimized and listened to, with our caring and expert team. Explore helpful information from Dr. Asare Christian regarding his many medical services offered to help you with pain management and other concerns.

How Is Post-Surgical Spine Pain Treated?

Dr. Asare Christian | 07/22/2023

Explore personalized post-surgical spine pain treatments with Dr. Asare Christian at Aether Medicine in Wayne, PA, and alleviate pain effectively.


The Benefits of Neurotoxin Injections for Chronic Back Pain

Dr. Asare Christian | 07/08/2023

Explore chronic back pain relief with neurotoxin medicine injection treatments by Dr. Asare Christian at Aether Medicine in Wayne, PA.


What Does Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis Feel Like?

Dr. Asare Christian | 06/23/2023

Find out how neurotoxin medicine can help the uncomfortable symptoms of spasticity.


Why You Should Consider PRP Therapy for Joint Pain

Dr. Asare Christian | 06/16/2023

Regenerative medicine can help if you have chronic joint pain. Read about PRP therapy and how solutions like platelet-rich plasma improves your life.


Where is BOTOX® Injected on the Face for Headaches?

Dr. Asare Christian | 05/22/2023

A helpful guide on what to expect during your headache treatments with BOTOX.


Three Lifestyle Modifications to Help with Chronic Pain

Dr. Asare Christian | 05/16/2023

In addition to pain management services, these three lifestyle and behavioral changes can help to alleviate your chronic pain.


Is Your Spine Pain Caused by an Overuse Injury?

Dr. Asare Christian | 04/29/2023

Overuse injuries and repetitive strain are common causes of the disorders and conditions that cause life-hampering spine and back pain.


What to Expect with Neurotoxin Medicine for Cervical Dystonia

Dr. Asare Christian | 04/18/2023

Cervical dystonia can cause painful involuntary spasms in the neck. Read about botulinum toxin injections and how neurotoxin medicine works here.


Can Medical Cannabis Help Relieve Arthritis Pain?

Dr. Asare Christian | 03/28/2023

Many patients have reported pain relief and reduction of arthritis symptoms after using medical cannabis.


What Can Nonsurgical Nerve Blocks Do for Chronic Pain?

Dr. Asare Christian | 03/21/2023

Chronic pain is a common but debilitating problem among men and women. Nonsurgical pain management may include the use of nerve blocks at our clinic.


What Can Cause Spasticity to Develop?

Dr. Asare Christian | 02/24/2023

Spasticity manifests as spasms or stiffness in the limbs and may result from conditions or injuries that damage the nervous system.


What Are the Benefits of Botulinum Toxin Medicines?

Dr. Asare Christian | 02/11/2023

Botulinum toxins belong to a family of neurotoxins that can meet a variety of medical needs, such as pain relief or reduced spasms.


When Should You See a Doctor for Spine Pain?

Dr. Asare Christian | 01/21/2023

If spinal pain keeps you from activities, seek professional help. Learn about nonsurgical interventions and musculoskeletal medicine here.


How Can Chronic Pain Affect Your Quality of Life?

Dr. Asare Christian | 01/16/2023

If you suffer from chronic pain then your quality of life can quickly become impacted, and you might feel depressed.


What Everyday Activities Can Trigger Joint Pain?

Dr. Asare Christian | 12/26/2022

Almost any activity can trigger joint pain, whether it's work-related, something sporting, or as benign as getting around the house or doing chores.


What Should I Avoid After Chronic Migraine Treatment?

Dr. Asare Christian | 12/19/2022

Neurotoxin medicine can help relieve stubborn migraine headaches. Find out how to get the most out of your treatment for the best results possible.


How Can I Tell if I am Having a Spasm or Spasticity?

Dr. Asare Christian | 11/25/2022

Alleviate painful neurological and musculoskeletal symptoms, including spasms and spasticity, with neurotoxin medicine.


How Do I Know if Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Will Benefit Me?

Dr. Asare Christian | 11/21/2022

Learn about if PM&R will benefit your particular symptoms and what you can expect from undergoing the treatments.


What Conditions Can Be Treated With Peptide Therapy?

Dr. Asare Christian | 10/31/2022

Learn how peptide therapy activates your body’s natural healing abilities to help with conditions such as metabolic disorders and pain management.


What's the Best Treatment for My Chronic Headaches?

Dr. Asare Christian | 10/22/2022

If you suffer from chronic headaches that don't respond to over-the-counter treatments, you may benefit from a new kind of pain medicine.


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