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How Will I Feel After a Neurotoxin Injection for Chronic Migraine?

Dr. Asare Christian | 07/05/2022

If you suffer from chronic migraines, you can find relief using neurotoxin injections, like BOTOX®, Dysport®, XEOMIN®, and MYOBLOC®. Learn how today.


Who is Most Prone to Spasticity?

Dr. Asare Christian | 06/12/2022

Individuals with neurological conditions may suffer from spasticity. Find out how customized neurotoxin medicine treatment can help reduce pain.


How Serious Are Chronic Headaches?

Dr. Asare Christian | 06/10/2022

Alleviate symptoms of chronic headaches with a customized treatment plan utilizing neurotoxin medicine.


What is Musculoskeletal Degeneration?

Dr. Asare Christian | 05/31/2022

Musculoskeletal medicine treats musculoskeletal degeneration to prevent breakdown and alleviate painful symptoms.


Can Cervical Dystonia Ever Go Away on Its Own?

Dr. Asare Christian | 05/17/2022

Patients throughout Wayne, PA have access to neurotoxin medicine to alleviate symptoms of cervical dystonia.


Is my Pain Muscular or Skeletal?

Dr. Asare Christian | 04/28/2022

Muscular and skeletal pain have a few key differences that can help you tell them apart. Dr. Asare Christian can help determine which type you have.


When Should You See A Doctor For Migraines?

Dr. Asare Christian | 04/15/2022

You should see a doctor if your migraines cause debilitating pain or show increasing symptoms. Find out about treatment options here.


What Do Spasticity Symptoms Feel Like?

Dr. Asare Christian | 03/21/2022

Dr. Asare Christian and his team at Aether Medicine provide neurotoxin medicine for movement-based and neurological conditions.


Learn About Common Musculoskeletal Injuries

Dr. Asare Christian | 03/12/2022

There are many common musculoskeletal injuries that Dr. Asare Christian can help diagnose and treat. Keep reading to learn more.


What Happens if Cervical Dystonia is Left Untreated?

Dr. Asare Christian | 02/17/2022

Cervical dystonia can cause unwanted muscle spasms. Learn what happens when symptoms are left untreated and how simple neurotoxin injections help.


How Can I Manage My Chronic Headache At Home?

Dr. Asare Christian | 02/10/2022

Chronic headaches can be hard for life in Wayne, PA, but a headache management plan can help keep them in check.


What is the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain?

Dr. Asare Christian | 01/31/2022

Whether you’re experiencing acute or chronic pain, pain management can help you find relief. Learn more about pain management in Wayne, PA.


When Does Spasticity Occur After A Stroke?

Dr. Asare Christian | 01/14/2022

Dr. Asare Christian provides PM&R intervention plans for patients with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.


How Long Do Neurotoxin Injections Last For Chronic Migraines?

Dr. Asare Christian | 12/31/2021

Chronic migraines can cause pain and sensitivity to light and sound. Find the migraine relief you seek through long-lasting neurotoxin injections.


What Activities Can Cause Musculoskeletal Pain?

Dr. Asare Christian | 12/07/2021

Musculoskeletal pain can interfere with your daily tasks and routines. See how we treat fractures, sprains, overuse injuries, and more at our clinic.


What Are My Treatment Options for Cervical Dystonia?

Dr. Asare Christian | 11/13/2021

Cervical dystonia causes muscle spasms in the head and neck. Discover how neurotoxin medicine can reduce spasms and improve your quality of life.


When Should I Be Concerned About A Consistent Headache?

Dr. Asare Christian

There are numerous factors to consider when suffering from potentially worrying headaches, including intensity, consistency, duration, and frequency.


What is an Overuse Injury?

Dr. Asare Christian | 10/19/2021

An overuse injury is one that results from repetitive stress. If you experience chronic pain, our clinic offers a wide range of treatment solutions.


Three Signs You Are Experiencing Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Dr. Asare Christian | 10/10/2021

The effects of living with chronic pain can be summarized in three overreaching symptoms: physical, mental, and emotional fatigue.


Can BOTOX® Injections Relieve My Chronic Migraines?

Dr. Asare Christian | 09/21/2021

While BOTOX injections may not permanently eliminate migraines, studies have shown they are effective at improving the lives of people in pain.


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