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What is an Overuse Injury?

Dr. Asare Christian | 10/19/2021

An overuse injury is one that results from repetitive stress. If you experience chronic pain, our clinic offers a wide range of treatment solutions.


Three Signs You Are Experiencing Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Dr. Asare Christian | 10/10/2021

The effects of living with chronic pain can be summarized in three overreaching symptoms: physical, mental, and emotional fatigue.


Can BOTOX® Injections Relieve My Chronic Migraines?

Dr. Asare Christian | 09/21/2021

While BOTOX injections may not permanently eliminate migraines, studies have shown they are effective at improving the lives of people in pain.


What Types of Conditions Can Musculoskeletal Medicine Treat?

Dr. Asare Christian | 09/16/2021

Consult a rehabilitation physician in Wayne, PA if constant pain in your joints, bones, or muscles is interfering with your enjoyment of life.


How Do Chronic Headaches Differ From Chronic Migraines?

Dr. Asare Christian | 08/27/2021

Problems like chronic headaches and migraines can be debilitating. Learn about your pain management options when meeting with one of our specialists.


Will my Spasticity Get Worse Over Time?

Dr. Asare Christian | 08/18/2021

Spasticity can cause painful muscles spasms in the arms and legs. Learn how neurotoxin medicine can improve symptoms through simple BOTOX® injections.


The Dangers of Going to the Medical Cannabis Dispensary Without a Guide

Dr. Asare Christian | 08/13/2021

Medical cannabis has become significantly more accessible to patients who could benefit from it. There are, however, dangers present for patients.


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Dr. Asare Christian | 12/21/2020

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