How Can I Manage My Chronic Headache At Home?

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No one wants to deal with chronic headaches, but it is a problem that can harm anyone in Delaware County. Chronic headaches can occur at varying times, and you may have some triggers that might influence when your headaches start and how intense they will become. But they don’t have to be a problem if you have someone on hand to help you with your condition. Board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician Dr. Asare Christian and the experts at Aether Medicine in Wayne, PA can help you identify what is causing your chronic headaches and find solutions to manage them.

We have a few recommendations you can use to help you manage your chronic headaches at home. These include useful solutions for managing your headaches and keeping them from being persistent.

Avoid various triggers

Every person has different triggers for how a headache can start. You might have a headache if you see too many bright lights. Intense or sudden noises may also be a problem. Sometimes, headaches can begin if you exert your body too much. Be aware of whatever is triggering your headaches, and do what you can to avoid these triggers before they can become more intense.

Be cautious with medications

While many people might take headache medications, they won’t always work. Taking headache medicines often can cause your headaches to become more intense after they return. Sometimes, these headaches may come more often after the medicine wears off. Avoid using medications for your headaches, and only take whatever a doctor recommends if necessary.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine can increase your chances of having headaches. The instant energy rush you feel might be nice, but it can lead to irritable sensations in your body after a while. Caffeine can eventually trigger further headaches, so avoiding caffeine is a necessity.

Exercise is essential

You could experience more frequent headaches if you are overweight. Exercise is critical for helping you lose weight and keeping pressure off your tissues. You can also exercise to reduce stress and boost your general well-being. You will be less likely to have headaches when you exercise more often.

Sleep is necessary

Another recommendation from Dr. Christian at Aether Medicine is to get enough sleep at night. You will require about eight hours of sleep each night to restore your body and reduce stress in Wayne, PA. Aim to go to bed and wake at the same time each day.

Keep your diet consistent

Be sure you also watch how you consume foods and that you keep your diet under control. A consistent diet is necessary for your health. Eat a well-rounded diet with meals spaced out every few hours to help you keep your body healthy. You will be less likely to experience physical stress and irritation when you keep your diet consistent and in check.

Contact us today for further help in managing your headaches

The reasons why you have chronic headaches can vary, but they don’t have to be a burden to your life. You can request our services at Aether Medicine in Wayne, PA for help today. Board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician Dr. Asare Christian can help you learn how to manage your health and keep your headaches from becoming worse. You can schedule an appointment for services with us. We will be there to help you control your headaches and help you stay healthy.

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