How Do Chronic Headaches Differ From Chronic Migraines?

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Do you wake up with a pounding headache that doesn't seem to go away? You may have chronic headaches. But are these headaches the same as chronic migraines?

Pain can interfere with your daily life, keep you from taking care of your family or doing your job. If you have constant pain in your head, it's time to get serious about finding a solution. Board-certified physician Dr. Asare Christian has helped many men and women with persistent and debilitating pain through nonsurgical methods.

Headaches and migraines can be managed in a number of ways, including injections, creams, and supplements. Now you can learn about our individual approach at Aether Medicine. Below, we describe the differences between chronic headaches and migraines, as well as treatment options for both in Wayne, PA.

What causes headaches?

We’re all familiar with the pain that comes with a headache. You know that feeling when you're in the middle of a stressful situation or have had an especially long day at work? A headache can range from a mild sensation to intense and throbbing or pulsating pain. It can be challenging to get rid of this pain without canceling plans with friends or taking time off from work. Some headaches are caused by triggers, like stress, a lack of sleep, and skipped meals, while other types of headaches are the result of underlying conditions.

How are migraines different from headaches?

A migraine is a kind of headache that affects millions of people every year. Migraine symptoms also range from mild to severe but are also very distinct. Migraines are usually accompanied by nausea or vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. This pain can last for hours or even days at a time without interruption. People with frequent migraines find themselves in bed with the lights off, and the curtains closed because nearly any outside interruptions can trigger more pain.

What happens during a pain evaluation at Aether Medicine?

Are you looking for a pain management program that will finally help you with chronic headaches and migraines? The professionals at Aether Medicine can help you reclaim your life and feel like yourself again in Wayne, PA. Treatment begins with a full evaluation of your headache or migraine symptoms, medical history, and end goals. Our staff likes to have a holistic view of your overall health before making any final decisions. We may also order certain diagnostic tests to better understand your condition.

How do you treat pain from chronic headaches and migraines?

As we mentioned, Aether Medicine takes a nonsurgical approach to pain management at our clinic. Our patients benefit from options such as nerve blocks, neurotoxin injections, trigger point injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, medications, topical creams, supplements, and certain lifestyle modifications. During your initial assessment with our team, Dr. Christian can explain each one in detail and how they work for different types of pain.

Learn about your options for pain management

Chronic headaches and migraine symptoms are both common causes of pain. However, when it comes to any kind of pain, you want to make sure it’s managed properly by a trained professional. If you’ve been experiencing head pain on a regular basis in Wayne, PA, meet with Dr. Asare Christian at Aether Medicine. We can help you start feeling better so you can return to your daily activities in comfort.

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