How Will I Feel After a Neurotoxin Injection for Chronic Migraine?

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Migraines affect millions of Americans each day. If you suffer from migraines, you know the experience can be painful and affect your ability to go about your daily routine. Too many people suffer through migraines unnecessarily when there is treatment available, like neurotoxin injections for chronic migraines. At Aether Medicine, in Wayne, PA, board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician Dr. Asare Christian and the team at Aether Medicine help patients find migraine relief through neurotoxin injections, which include botulinum toxin products such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, XEOMIN®, and MYOBLOC®. Here’s an overview of how neurotoxin injections can help ease migraines and what to expect after your procedure.

What are neurotoxin injections?

Migraines can range from mildly annoying to downright debilitating. With neurotoxin injections, you can find migraine relief safely and effectively.

Neurotoxin medicine uses botulinum toxin products, like BOTOX, Dysport, XEOMIN, and MYOBLOC, to treat conditions that affect your muscles and nerves, including migraines. Chronic migraines are one of the most common reasons for using neurotoxin medicine, along with other conditions like chronic back pain, facial spasms, spasticity, jaw pain from TMJ, and excessive sweating and drooling.

How do neurotoxin injections treat migraines and headaches?

If you suffer from severe migraines that keep you from going about your daily routine, our team may recommend using neurotoxin injections to help ease this pain.

Neurotoxin medicine treats migraines and headaches by relaxing the injected area to stop pain, overproduction, or spasms that your body generates. Essentially, these injections block pain signals from the brain. The result? Relief from your migraine pain.

During your consultation at our office in Wayne, PA, our team will discuss the best approach possible to your individual treatment, including where to place injections. These may include the forehead, neck, bridge of your nose, temples, back of your head, or near your shoulder blades.

What can I expect after a neurotoxin injection for chronic migraine?

After your appointment, you can return to your daily activities the same day. You can expect to find relief from your migraines within about a week. These results can last anywhere from 3 – 6 months, depending on your individual condition. Neurotoxin medicine is temporary, so to maintain your results, you may need follow-up sessions every 3 – 4 months. Dr. Christian can work with you to create a customized plan to help meet your needs. This way, you can ensure your results do not lapse and cause migraine pain.

Are neurotoxin injections safe?

Dr. Christian is a trained expert in using neurotoxin injections to treat chronic migraine. He has advanced training from leaders in the field around the world as well as extensive training in Lisbon, Portugal. He not only uses neurotoxin injections in our office in Wayne, PA, but he also trains and teaches other physicians and residents how to use this migraine treatment safely and effectively.

Experience relief from chronic migraines with neurotoxin medicine in Wayne, PA

Migraines may be common, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. If you suffer from this severe form of headache, you can finally find relief with neurotoxin injections for chronic migraine. Board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician Dr. Asare Christian and the team at Aether Medicine can work with you to create a customized plan to help you regain your ability to participate in daily activities without the hindrance of chronic migraines. Make an appointment at our Wayne, PA office to learn how today.

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