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What is neurotoxin medicine?

Neurotoxin medicine is the use of botulinum toxin products such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, XEOMIN®, and MYOBLOC® to treat painful conditions that can affect muscles and nerves. The most common indication for treatment with Botulinum toxin medicines are spasticity, cervical dystonia, focal dystonia, chronic migraine, excess drooling, facial spasms, and excessive sweating. Dr. Christian is an expert in use of botulinum toxin products and has obtained advancing training in use of Botulinum toxin from leaders of the field nationally as well as training in Lisbon, Portugal. He trains and teaches residents and other physicians on how to inject and use neurotoxin safely. He has participated in multinational research in the use of botulinum toxin in treatment of adult and pediatric spasticity. Neurotoxin medicine is used to relax the injected area so that it stops the pain, overproduction, or spasms your body generates.


If you have been diagnose with stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, you may experience spams and stiffness in your arms, legs, or both. These symptoms are due to a condition known as spasticity. Spasticity occurs when the nerves carrying information from the brain to different part of your body is damaged. Developing spasticity can impact your quality of life, because the stiffness can cause pain, limit your ability to walk or use your arms. Untreated spasticity can lead to multiple complications including severe skin breakdown, limit selfcare activities and irreversible contractures.


Cervical dystonia(CD) is neurological condition that causes neck muscle to spams or tightens, causing pain and head turn, pulling in one direction or shaking. CD is sometimes called spasmodic torticollis. Although, there is no cure for CD, treatment with botulinum toxin can help relieve pain and improve function. Symptoms may sometimes disappear but reoccurrence is common

Schedule an initial visit with our team at Aether Medicine today in the Main Line and King of Prussia, PA areas. Neurotoxins, can be used to treat:

  • Chronic migraines and headaches
  • Failed back syndrome or chronic back pain
  • Spasticity (muscle spasms)
  • Cervical dystonia
  • Focal dystonia
  • Excessive drooling (sialorrhea)
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Hemifascial spams
  • TMJ

What Are The Benefits Of Neurotoxin Medicine?

  • Treatments are safe and effective
  • Can treat a wide variety of issues and conditions
  • BOTOX, Dysport, XEOMIN, and MYOBLOC are FDA-approved
  • Injections are quick and easy
  • Treatments are relatively painless, with little to no discomfort
  • Effects are fast-acting, often within 1 – 2 weeks
  • Results can last for 3 – 6 months

Who is a candidate for neurotoxin medicine?

Candidates for neurotoxin medicine treatment may be looking to treat a number of concerns, including migraines, muscle spasms, TMJ, and more. During a thorough consultation at Aether Medicine, our skilled team will evaluate your concerns and let you know if you would benefit from neurotoxin medicine. We can also create a customized treatment plan that will best fit your unique needs. 

What to Expect In Treatment

On your initial visit, Dr. Christian will review your medical records and confirm or diagnose the root cause of your condition, such as spasticity, cervical dystonia, focal dystonia, or chronic migraines. He will walk you through other treatment options and determine if neurotoxin is the right treatment for you. Depending on your condition or insurance, you may have to pay for the medicine and treatment. He will discuss specific muscles to be injected, set goals and expectations for treatment with you, and discuss risks and benefits of treatment.

What Can I Expect After Neurotoxin Medicine?

In a subsequent visit, the procedure is performed and a follow-up visit after a month is scheduled to assess your response. Most patients start seeing results in pain and spams within a week of treatment and can last from 3 – 6 months, depending on the condition. Neurotoxins are temporary and will need to be administered every 3 – 4 months as needed. Dr. Christian will have you schedule your follow-up appointments in a timely manner so that your treatment does not lapse.

Neurotoxin Medicine FAQs

Where do we inject the neurotoxin for migraines?

If you experience severe forms of migraines that hinder your ability to complete daily tasks, we may suggest using BOTOX, Dysport, XEOMIN, or MYOBLOC to alleviate pain. During your consultation, we will discuss the placement for these injections, including areas around the forehead, neck, bridge of your nose, temples, back of the head, and near your shoulder blades. Dr. Christian can go over everything in detail at your appointment.

How long does it take BOTOX to work for muscle spasms?

It generally takes around 14 days to see a decrease in muscle spasms. We will provide a more in-depth timeline at your consultation. Patients or family members will need to schedule follow-up appointments every 3 - 4 months to maintain their results. In some cases, patients may benefit from other neurotoxin formulas, such as Dysport, XEOMIN, and MYOBLOC.

What conditions can neurotoxins help with?

With the help of BOTOX, Dysport, XEOMIN, or MYOBLOC, Dr. Christian can alleviate several uncomfortable symptoms, like chronic pain, drooling, sweating, muscle spasms, and jaw pain caused by TMJ.

Do neurotoxin injections hurt?

No, most patients don't find the injections for neurotoxin medicine painful. The needles used for the injections are very small and fine, much smaller than those used for vaccinations. We can also use a topical anesthetic to help make the process more comfortable. If you have any concerns about pain, please feel free to talk to Dr. Christian during your consultation.

How long do the results from a neurotoxin injection last?

It will depend on your body's response and what you're being treated for. However, on average, most patients can experience effective results for up to 3 – 6 months, depending on which neurotoxin is used for their treatment.

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Find value in the versatility of neurotoxin medicine

You can rely on the skill and expertise of our physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, Dr. Christian, to provide you with excellent care, options you are comfortable selecting, and more. When other mainstream treatments have not worked, you may want to seek out our experienced team at Aether Medicine. Schedule appointment today.

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